Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Low expectations

So as you may know I have been reading Do hard things.

Today I was reading about low expectations that people have for teens. They quoted a education expert that said "Our current ceiling for students is really much closer to where the floor ought to be." YIKES!! That is rather scary!!

As I was reading I was thinking about a lot of low expectations that people have for teens. It was pretty scary!! Can you think of any? I would love to hear what you guys think up!!


P.S. If you guys ever get the chance get Do hard things. It is REALLY good!


  1. Oh yes! People expect us to be very rebellous. (Which, makes me "uncool" I guess, because I love and respect my parents). We're expected to be gossipy (if thats a word), and wear inmodest clothes. We are not expected to be kind, compassionate, or understanding!

  2. Wow Keri, I was reading this book a couple of months ago! I really liked it, because a lot of the concepts in that book are familiar to me. It reminded me that raising the bar and doing 'hard things' is really good for us! I wish more teens and adults knew about these concepts....

    Have you seen the 'Rebelution' blog? The guys that wrote 'Do Hard Things' initially started out with that blog.


  3. Yes. It is such a good book. Have you read Start Here, the sequel to Do Hard Things? My sister and I are both reading it and it is amazing! It has lots of practical advice and it really inspiring!

    I have! Isn't it amazing!?! There is so much good articles and such on there.