Saturday, April 11, 2009

Celebrating Easter Every Day with Charles Stanley

April 11, 2009

Celebrating Easter Every Day

LUKE 24:1-9

The Easter story is a message of hope. Yet many people celebrate this holiday with only chocolate bunnies and egg hunts because they do not know its real purpose. The gospel is precious information that Jesus asked His followers to spread widely (Matt. 28:19). He expects that each of us will be prepared to answer those who are curious about the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15).

Christianity is unique. Other religions and belief systems have a "doer" philosophy. In other words, to achieve eternal life, a follower must follow leaders' instructions, adhere to rules, and/or give as much as he is told. The Christian life also includes good works, obeying commandments, and tithing. However, these activities are the result of serving Christ rather than a supposed method for reaching heaven. Instead of placing our hope in human ambition and diligence, we recognize Jesus as the only path to God.

Jesus Christ's primary purpose in coming to earth was to die for mankind's transgressions. Had He stayed in His tomb, everyone would be responsible for his or her own sin-debt. But Jesus conquered the grave, which means that His followers can too. Those who believe in Him are released from their death penalty and invited to spend eternity with God.

What are you doing with the amazing message of God's love? The commission to "go and make disciples" is meant to be an integral part of every believer's life. We should share about Jesus while at home, at work, among friends, or pursuing hobbies. In other words, we are to celebrate Easter every day.


What are you doing to share Jesus and the gospel message to the world? Are we celebrating Easter every day?

I am going to try even harder to share my faith with others. It is just to good not too.


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