Monday, April 20, 2009

"A Heart for God" with Charles Stanley

A Heart for God

ACTS 13:16-22

God's assessment of David's heart is one of the highest praises that anyone has ever received from the Lord. And this commendation is not reserved exclusively for the most beloved king of Israel; in fact, our Father wants every one of His children to have a heart for Him.

The Lord testified that David was a man who would do all His will (Acts 13:22). In other words, the chief characteristic of a "heart for God" is a passion to obey Him. Not every act of the king's life was as the Lord would have desired, but his pattern was to follow after God. And David also knew what to do when he sinned. His prayer was that the Lord would search out any wicked way in him, clean it up, and help him get back on track to become the kind of person his Father wanted him to be (Ps. 139:23-24).

David's relationship with the Lord was his highest priority. Not only did he delight in God's Word, but many of his intimate conversations with the Father are also recorded for us in the book of Psalms. In addition, the Scriptures reveal many examples of how David trusted the Lord in all the challenges of his life. This humble servant recognized that God alone was responsible for any greatness he achieved as king.

Becoming a man or woman with a heart for God is a valuable goal. Our aim is not perfection but a consistent, growing relationship with the Lord. In the process, we will discover that our desires and interests align with God's, and obeying Him will be our great delight.

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