Saturday, May 2, 2009

Loved, but Lost by Charles Stanley

Probably the most cherished and comforting of all God's characteristics is His love. However, the fact that He loves us does not determine our eternal destiny; we can still be separated from Him in our lost condition.

Because the Father cares so much for mankind, He made provision to rescue us from our doomed state of alienation from Him. This offer of salvation is extended to everyone, but in order to benefit, a person must accept it. By the death of Christ on our behalf, the Lord opened the door for us to be saved, but He does not push anyone through.

Imagine that you've fallen into a rushing river and are about to drown. I jump in to save you, but you refuse my help. Did my diving in save you? No, you did not accept my offer of rescue. In the same way, God made every provision for your salvation, but you must respond to His offer.

Just as a swimmer stretches out a hand to accept rescue, so each of us must reach out in faith, believing that Jesus died for us. Accepting His forgiveness for our sins is not just an intellectual belief. A drowning man will not be saved if he merely knows that a swimmer can save him. He has to put his life in the hands of the rescuer and depend totally on him.

Simply relying on God's love to save you is not enough. Our heavenly Father desires that everyone be saved, but many will remain lost because they fail to accept His offer. The next move is yours. Choose to believe in Christ, and surrender your life to the One who is willing and able to save you.

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